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3 amendment

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Q: Only amendment the us government has never tried to violate?
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What is the only amendment the government has never tried to violate?


How did the Alien Enemies law violate the 6th amendment?

they hated the 2nd amendmant (right to bare arms) they couldnt kill the aliens who tried to suck out there brains

What else does the Fifth Amendment protect people against?

the fifth amendment protects us from abuse of the government authority in a legal procedure.

Which amendment is most important from The Bill of Rights?

This is a great discussion question- and it does call for an opinion. In MY opinion (and there WILL be others) it is the Second Amendment- the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It provides for the means to defend oneself and resist a government that would choose to violate the OTHER amendments. Without that, there is no ability to keep a government from denying your right of free speech, choosing your religion, being tried by a jury, being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, being forced to testify against yourself, and so on.

When was the first amendment from the US Constitution repealed?

It wasn't, and it never will be. If Congress tried to repeal their would be massive rioting all over the country.

Is Germany a unlimited or limited government?

The current Federal Republic of Germany is a limited government since the officers in that government are accountable to the laws of Germany and all international / EU agreements that Germany has signed. Should a German Chancellor violate the law, he or she will be tried in a court of law, just like any other citizen.

What amendment gives the right to be tried in the state and district where the crime was committed?

the 6th amendment

Which amendment said that a person couldnt be tried twice for the same crime?

It is the 5th amendment which states that a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime. It is referred to as double jeopardy.

Which amendment ensures thtat if a person is tried for a crime and found not guilty he or she cannot be tried again?

5th Ammendment-prohibits Double Jeopardy.

What amendment gives citizens the right to be tried after being accused of a crime?

The 4th Amendment.

Where can a case be tried that is in violation of state and federal laws?

Crimes that violate both state and federal laws can be tried in either state or federal court. Frequently, they are tried in both.

Why did Nike use Pallas's skin?

She did not; Athena flayed the skin of the Titan Pallas who tried to violate her.