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(For Apex Learning) Special-interest groups.

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Q: People who join together to gain political support for their views are know as?
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What are political units?

A political unit is a group of people that join together in support of a series of political views. Often times a political unit is formed to support a political party during an election.

What is a so called political party?

A political party is a group of people who have similar political views, that form together in order to win a seat or seats in government. By winning seats they hope to influence government policy to support their views.

Can I not support CNA political views?

You can not-support anything if you don't want to.

What are kits political views?

kits political views are that people should be loyalists.

What effect did policy disputes in the 1790's have on American Government?

Leaders tried to build support for their views by organizing political parties.

How do people chose political parties?

They Like their political views on things

What are the polite in Canada called?

A political unit, or group that has come together to support a series of political views is called a political party in Canada. Political parties compete in ridings, or regions, either municipal, provincial or national, in order to obtain the status and powers of an elected representative.They are called provinces

What is an organized walk by a group of people to draw attention to their political views?

A walk that is organized as a peaceful demonstration of people's political or social views is known as a march. There have been many famous marches.

What were Orville Wright's political views?

the political views were wierd

Can you have a successful relationship with someone when your political views differ vastly?

Depends on how much political views mean to the both of you. But yes, of course you can. For some people it's because of their differences that the couple loves one another. Think of it as a magnet, the same sides don't go together, but the opposite sides do.

How ere the people of Athens different from the people of Sparta?

They both had different political views

What were Athena's political views?

She believed the economy was bad and the people were bad.