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Pharaohs were the rulers of ancient Egypt.

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Q: Pharaohs were ancient rulers in which country?
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Why did pharaohs rule Egypt?

The Pharaohs ruled Egypt because they wanted to be king of ancient Egypt

What are the ancient tombs of egypt kings called?

The ancient tombs of Egyptian kings were pyramids. Egyptian pharaohs were first mummified, then put in a sarcophagus (a thing like a coffin) and then the more important pharaohs were buried in the center of the pyramids.

What are some aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture?

The Ancient egytpians had a facsinating culture. they beileved in many gods and thought that the gods were directly responsible for ordinary things in their lifes like the yearly flooding of the nile river, night time, the sun, fertlity, waerfare, .... ect. Their rulers were called pharaohs and they wrote in pictures called heiroglyphs. They played games and had festivals. They also had slaves. their culturwes was advanced in the building and constructions of temples and monuments. They were great artists and often had trade with the neighboring country called Kush.

Why people may start Revolution?

The political philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment was that the rulers of a country are only the rulers because the people let them be. The term is called "Consent of the Governed" or "a mandate of the masses" There are more people living in a country than there are rulers, army, or police. If the citizens decide the rulers are doing a bad job, then many believe it is the right of those citizens to pick new rulers. If the rulers won't give up power, and the citizens are unhappy enough, then the only option is revolution.

Why did they bury a boat next to the pharaoh?

In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were sometimes buried with boats. This is because they were intended to be used by the pharaoh in the afterlife.

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