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Q: Political party that believed in the common people and no government aid for business and a pro-French foreign policy?
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Political party that believed in a strong government run by the wealthy government aid to business and a pro British foreign policy?


Political party that believed in the common people no government aid for business and a pro-french foreign policy?


What were Cornelius Vanderbilt's political views?

Cornelius Vanderbilt was a staunch supporter of laissez-faire capitalism and believed in limited government intervention in business and commerce. He generally opposed government regulation and advocated for free market principles. Vanderbilt's political views aligned with his interests as a successful businessman in the transportation industry.

Adam smith believed in laissez faire by which he meant?

The government should not interfere in business.

State the importance of political environment in business?

The importance of political environment in a business setting is the regulation of the business. Sometimes the government needs to regulate a business to make sure all customers of that business are treated fairly. Regulations are also in place to make sure the business pays appropriate taxes and obeys government regulations that protect the environment.

What was Andrew Carnegie's political views?

Andrew Carnegie believed in laissez-faire economics, advocating for minimal government intervention in business affairs. He believed that wealth should be used to benefit society and promoted philanthropy through donations to education and public libraries. Carnegie also supported free trade and opposed excessive government regulation.

What is a political factor?

A political factor is an activity having to do with government policy and its administration that has the potential to change or influence a business. -BrainQuiz

How did the disagreements between Hamilton and Jefferson lead to the development of political parties?

The views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were so markedly different that they gave rise to political parties. Thomas Jefferson, a Democratic Republican, believed that the government was for the people, and that their voices should be listened to. He believed that the central government should be less powerful and favored states' rights. Alexander Hamilton, on the other hand, believed that important issues shouldn't be left up to the common man, but rather an elite, who believed would make the correct decisions. He favored a government with most of the power in the federal government.

What is john d Rockefellers political view?

John D. Rockefeller was a conservative Republican. He believed in the free market and limited government intervention in business affairs. He also supported philanthropic causes and donated to various charities.

Did president Coolidge feel that restrictions on business were harmful to the economy?

Yes. He believed that the government should do as little as possible to interfere with business.

What is one of the disadvantages of buying an existing business?

its liabilities, government policies, political enviornment.

What is the role of government in international political risk?

The role of the government in international political risk is to provide the framework that will allow people take non-business risk in a given country.