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very very very poor no good farm land mit really sucked u ALL R LOSERS

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Waffles ;)

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Q: Politics of colonial New Jersey
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What type of colony was colonial New Jersey?

Colonial New Jersey was a royal colonie!

What kind of games did they have in colonial New Jersey?

new jersey was not around in the colonial days.

Where can I find a map of colonial New Jersey?

in new jersey

What was colonial New Jersey like?

Colonial New Jersey had a lot of farms and crops; tobacco crops.

What were the typical chores of an everyday colonist in colonial new jersey?

what were some jobs of a colonial child in new jersey

What colonial region is New Jersey in?

New Jersey was a middle colony.

What is a catchy colonial New Jersey slogan?


Where was the location colonial New Jersey?

It was in New Jersey just like today.

What was the government in colonial New Jersey?

The first type of government in colonial New Jersey was called a Concession type of government.

Was land good in colonial New Jersey?

i love jersey shore

Is colonial New Jersey in America?

yes it is. colonial new jerseyis now a state in the U.S.

What was the capital of Colonial New Jersey?