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America was not a country when the colonies were being formed. So there was not president but when the colonies all became a county George Washington was the first president.

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Q: President when the American Colonization was formed?
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What was the American Colonization Society formed to promote?

moving freed African American slaves back to Africa

What stated that the American continents should not be considered for future colonization by any European powers?

The Monroe Doctrine of 1823, declared by President James Monroe, stated that the American continents should not be considered for future colonization by any European powers. This policy aimed to prevent further European intervention in the Western Hemisphere and protect the independence of the newly formed Latin American nations.

What president issued warning to European nations not to consider the American continents as subject for future colonization?

James Monroe

What race was John Hanson?

John Hanson, the first president of congress, was white; John Hanson, a part of the American Colonization Society, was African-American.

Who established the American colonization?

Clay and Randolph establised the American colonization society.

When was American Colonization Society created?

American Colonization Society was created in 1816.

Why do you spell colonization and colonization in two ways?

British English: Colonisation American English: Colonization

When did American Colonization Society end?

American Colonization Society ended in 1964.

What Republican president followed up with President Lincoln's colonization ideas?

As late as the US Grant presidency, the idea of buying the Dominican Republic as a homeland for freed American slaves was one of Grant's ideas to solve the American race problem.

Was the American Colonization Society was founded for the purpose of returning freed slaves to the South?

The American Colonization Society was formed for the purpose of sending blacks back to the continent of Africa, where it was believed, the former slaves would have more personal freedom. It helped to found the nation of Liberia in 1821as a haven for freed African-Americans.

What was the major goal of the American Colonization Society?

The American Colonization Society was established in 1816 by Robert Finley. The American Colonization Society was formed to assist the free Black people in the country. They wanted to provide them with the opportunity to return to Africa because they were concerned that they would be unable to assimilate into the white society of this country. These Blacks, assisted by the Society, went on to build a large community in Liberia, which is a nation today. Both Abraham Lincoln and slave owning Henry Clay supported the Society.

In 1817 antislavery reformers founded this society?

American Colonization Society.In 1817, antislavery reformers from the North and the South founded the American Colonization Society.