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Q: Protective tariffs were not allowed under the Confederate Constitution?
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The confederate constitution stated that each state?

Could impose its own tariffs

Northern and southern Farmer's Alliance had different views on?

protective tariffs - apex

What is specialization restricted by in the global economy?

Protective tariffs

What affect did the protective tariffs have on the American economy?

Protective tariffs had a few effects in the American economy. The main effect that it had was pricing.

Why were protective tariffs established?


Why In 1833 South Carolina threatened to secede from the Union if?

Congress continued to raise protective tariffs.

What encouraged Americans to buy America made goods?

Protective tariffs

Preferred low protective tariffs?


What was Jeffersons opinion of protective tariffs?

He was against it

Did Jefferson support protective tariffs?


How did federalists feel about protective tariffs?

they loved them!

Americans who oppose protective tariffs believe that?

Tariffs may lead to ill will among countries