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patronage-exchanging government jobs and contracts for political support

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Q: Provides government jobs in exchange for political support?
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What is the meaning of the social contract between and their citizens?

The social contract is an implicit agreement between a society's members and its governing authority, where citizens agree to give up certain freedoms in exchange for protection and support provided by the government. It involves the idea that individuals consent to being governed in exchange for the benefits and security that the government provides.

What is a social contact?

A social contract is an agreement within a society where individuals give up some freedoms in exchange for protection and support from their government. It is a concept used in political philosophy to explain the relationship between individuals and the state.

Who provides Arizona child support enforcement?

The Division of Child Support Enforcement provides child support enforcement in Arizona. It is a part of the Department of Economic Security and is funded by the state of Arizona along with the federal government.

What is the process of rewarding political support for lucrative government jobs called?

The Spoil System

In a country what is a political feature?

A political feature in a country refers to the system of government, the distribution of power among various branches and levels of government, the electoral process, political parties, and the relationship between the government and its citizens. It encompasses the organization and functioning of the political system within a country.

What is the name of theory regarding the 3 branches of the government that support political authority?

Separation of powers.

Which political party is currently in power at central government India?

2011 : Indian National Congress, with the support / alliance of smaller political parties

What is a so called political party?

A political party is a group of people who have similar political views, that form together in order to win a seat or seats in government. By winning seats they hope to influence government policy to support their views.

What effect did policy disputes in the 1790's have on American Government?

Leaders tried to build support for their views by organizing political parties.

Contemptuous jacksonian term for the alleged political deal by which cley threw his support to Adams in exchange for a high cabinet office?

corrupt bargain

Contemptuos jacksonian term for the alleged political deal by which clay threw his support to Adams in exchange for a high cabinet office?

The "Corrupt Bargain"

People who feel the same about how the government should be run and who support certain policies can join a?

political party