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Q: Richard Henry Lee wrote a formal statement known as a?
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Why didn't Richard Henry lee attend the constitution?

Richard Henry Lee is known for the introduction of the resolution for independence from Britain (The Lee Resolution). Lee refused to sign the Constitution because it did not contain a bill of rights. He served as Virginia senator from 1789 until 1792.

What did Richard Henry Lee do during the revolutionary war?

As a member of the Continental Congress from Virginia, Lee offered the Resolution that the American colonies "are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states". The Resolutioon carried and a committee was appointed to draft the Declaration of Independence, to give a formal statement of the result of Lee's Resolution. Lee later served with the Army as a very effective cavalry leader, and was known as "Light Horse Harry" Lee. Lee was also the father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Who ruled before the Tudors?

Before the Tudors were the Plantagenets. The last Plantagenet king was Richard III. The first Tudor king was Henry II. Shakespeare wrote a play about Richard III, which showed him as a villain. Scholars nowadays think that might have been a bit of propaganda because he was writing for a Tudor Queen (Elizabeth).

Who was the leading radical patriot leader from Virginia?

Patrick Henry <><><> While Patrick Henry was a well known radical (from my home county) he DID have a lot of company- Jefferson, Washington, Madison, and Mason were also well known.

What kind of checks are checks which have been paid and returned with your statement?

They are known as cancelled checks as they have been paid.

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What did Richard Henry Lee do to become known?

He was hung like a m0f0.

Who was the ruler after Henry the 2?

Henry II was king of England from 1154 to 1189 he was followed by Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart, who ruled from 1189 to 1199.

Succeeded Henry II in retaining the English throne.?

Richard I, better known as Richard the Lion-heart succeeded Henry II in retaining the English throne.

Did Richard III son become king?

No. Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field by Henry Tudor (later known as Henry VII), and Henry Tudor took the English Crown.

King Henry XIII?

Henry Tudor (Henry VIII) was a king from 1509 to his death. He is known for deafeating Richard III at Bosworth Field

What is Richard Henry Dana known for?

for writing Two Years Before The Mast.

Who was Richard henrylee?

Richard Henry Lee was a statesman from Virginia. He is known for calling for the independence of the colonies from Great Britain. He died in June of 1794.

Which king was known as The Lionheart?

Richard I was known as The Lionheart.King Richard the 1st, son of Henry the 2nd and Eleanor of Aquitine eventually became known as Coeur de Lion (Lionheart) because of his excellent military leadership skills and bravery.Richard 1 or Richard I (horseisle answer)

Who was HenryVIII father?

Henry VII, originally known as Henry Tudor before he captured the English throne from Richard III. Henry VII is the king in your pack of playing cards

Who succeeded queen Elizabeth to the English throne?

Henry II of England was succeeded by his second son, Richard I (known as the Lionheart). Richard ruled for ten years and was then succeeded by Henry's fourth son, King John.

What is Richard Henry Lee's Religion?

Richard Henry Lee was a member of the Episcopal Church, which was the established church in Virginia during his lifetime. However, he was also known for being a proponent of religious freedom and separation of church and state.

Who was the first Tudor to live?

The first Tudor king was Henry VII after defeating Richard III at the battle of Bosworth. **for more information search "Who was the first Tudor king" on Google and there will be other website links.**