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Q: Senior member of house of nuns or friars?
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Is hobby lobby run by nuns?


How does monastery relate to religion?

A monastery relates to religon by reserving space for prayer. In some religions, for example Buddhism and Catholicism, monks and nuns choose a life of solitude and contemplation. The monastery allows them to devote their life to prayer, study and meditation, without the distractions of the outside world.

Did nuns create the bayeux tapestry?

The famous Tapestry which shows the Battle action of the Norman Conquest- and also Halley"s Comet, was credited to Queen Matilda- who was the spouse of King William the Conqueror. In a sense tapestries were the wide-screen movies of their day- and later cycloramas took the step farther- Cycloramas were out in Elizabethan times. an excellent question- the huge and visible (apparently in Daylight) Stella is obviously Halley"s Comet. Your star is rising.

Why did Buddhist Monks burn themselves?

Throughout the past one hundred years there have been a number of Buddhist monks who have set themselves on fire. What they have in common is that they were all either in Vietnam or Tibet, and they were all protesting oppression by the government of their country of Buddhists, especially of the monks and nuns.

What happens in an average day at Bhaktivedanta manor?

There are several services throughout the day in the Manor's beautiful Temple room, to which everyone is welcome. Aside from these times, the Manor building is open daily from 4.30AM-9.30PM for pilgrims and guests. There are regular visiting school groups and the Manor has its own primary school. There is also a huge developing vegetarian ox-power farm. One of the most striking features is the community of monks, nuns and staff/ clergy, who wear the traditional robes and shaven heads of Indian sadhus (holy people). Also visit the shop and come to the Open Days and festivals! For more information, visit

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What is a senior member of a house of nuns and friars called?


The senior member of a house of nuns?


What is the meaning of the word carmelite?

Carmelite refers to a member of the Roman Catholic religious order of friars or nuns founded on Mount Carmel in the 12th century. The order is known for its contemplative life and devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

What is a monastery dweller called?

Monks and Friars live in a monastery. Nuns and cloistered women live in monasteries as well, not to be confused with convents.

Feminine gender of monk or friar?

Nuns and monks live and work in a monastery. Sisters and friars live in a convent and work outside the convent.

What does a prioress do?

A prioress is woman who is head of a house of certain orders of nuns.

What is the name of the house the catholic nuns live in?

Nuns can live in a monastery, and abbey, or a convent.

What is the Order of Augustinian recollect?

The Order of Augustinian Recollects is also known as O.A.R. They are a Roman Catholic mendicant Catholic religious order of friars and nuns.

Priory in The da Vinci Code?

A priory is a house of men or women under religious vows headed by a prior or prioress. Priories may be houses of mendicant friars or religious sisters (as the Dominicans, Augustinians and Carmelites, for instance), or monasteries of monks or nuns (as the Carthusians).

Was Saint Teresa of Avila a member of a particular religious order?

Teresa was a member of the Carmelite order of nuns.

How do you spell abbi as in a nuns house?

The spelling is "abbey" and, as with a monastery, the inhabitants may be either nuns or monks.

A Man Who Lives In A Monastery?

A male member of a religious order in a monastery is a monk. They are traditionally addressed as "Brother", and the head monk is an abbot.A rarer term is cenobite.A distinction often suggested between a monk and a friaris that friars were historically those members of an order who lived outside the group home, variously referred to as the abbey, cloister, convent, or monastery.