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before the creation of contutuation

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Q: Should slavery had been abolished before or after the creation of the constitution?
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The issue of slavery at the constitution convention was actually about?

The constitution should prohibit the states from participating in the international slave trade.

3 disagreements by Lincoln and Davis?

Lincoln and Davis disagreed over whether or not the United States should remain unified, and whether or not slavery should be abolished. They also disagreed over the United States economy.

Who did not agree with the abolitionist?

Before the US Civil War even many sound minded people in the North disagreed with the anti slavery abolitionists about slavery in the South. It should be noted here that even well into the US Civil War, slavery was lawful in the US State of Maryland and in Washington DC. For the most part the abolitionists wanted slavery to be abolished in the USA. Many people against slavery only wanted it to be contained in the Southern States. Prior to becoming US President, Abraham Lincoln pledged to the South that he had no wish to abolish slavery in the South. In fact, Lincoln did not believe the Federal Government had the authority to do so. It was also pointed out that where in parts of the world slavery had been abolished, compensation was paid to to the former slaveholders for their financial losses.

Did the 13th am amendment abolished the state in the western territory?

You should look it up and read it- it is quite short. It says that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." That means that it made slavery illegal anywhere in the US.

Supporters of the Constitution thoughtthat the central government should?

Supporters of the Constitution thought that the central government should

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What did slavery remind Lincoln of?

Lincoln despised slavery and thought it should be abolished.

Who thought slavery should be abolished?

the answer is abarham Lincoln

Who thought that slavery should be abolished and why?

Abarham Lincoln

Why should they have abolished slavery in ancient Greece?

slavery is bad and discriminating slavery is unjust . end of conversation

Who did not belive slavery should be abolished?

There were various individuals and groups who did not believe that slavery should be abolished, including some Southern plantation owners, pro-slavery advocates, and politicians who benefited economically from the institution of slavery. Additionally, some argued that slavery was a necessary component of the economy and society at the time.

What did the raid on harpers ferry convince southerners of?

Slavery should be abolished

What did the northern states think should happen to slavery?

They thought it was immoral and should be abolished.

Why should slave be abolished?

What do you mean why should slavery be abolished? People forced Africans and Caribbeans to for no or little money. It was a horrible era in Europe and the U.S.

Why should slavery be abolished where it still remains?

because we are inslaving people which is wrong

How did William Lloyd Garrison protest slavery in the US?

William Lloyd Garrison was an outspoken and radical abolitionist. He used his newspaper and public speaking engagements to convince others that slavery should be abolished. At one point in the antebellum days he burned a copy of the US Constitution to protest slavery.

What was Abraham Lincolns position on slavery when he was elected president?

He did not think slavery should be abolished,but he did not want it to spread to new states

Who did not believe slavery should be abolished?

Southern cotton-growers (the 'Plantocracy') and their local politicians.