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In terms of how it actually is, that depends on where you are. Some places allow it, some do not. For instance, in Minnesota you can carry in a school if you have a written authorization from the school's principal in addition to your carry permit.

In terms of whether it should be allowed, there is no logical reason to forbid it. If a person is deemed to be capable of carrying a gun in public at all, it really does not matter whether he is in a school, church, shopping mall, or just walking down the street.

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Sure. In most cases the faculty is not trained or able to keep order.

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No. We are there to teach and to be models of how to solve problems without violence. To have a gun is totally against all things teaching stands for.

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Q: Should teachers be allowed to carry guns at school?
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Should teachers carry gun?

No one answer, as there is no one teacher, no one school. My opinion is that school staff, properly trained, should be permitted to carry a firearm for the purpose of protecting the children from violence.

Should backpacks be allowed during school?

yes they should because they help carry stuff

Should backpacks be allowed in school?

Yea! How else should you be able to carry around your things?

If legitimate folks were allowed to carry guns into schools and other forbidden places wouldn't they stop some of these shooters?

I agree that having security personnel on school campuses would help to deter and take down shooters but don't think teachers should carry guns in the classroom.

Should teachers use guns in school?

Unless they're teaching a course in firearms, no. I would add that, if the environment is so deadly as to require teachers to carry firearms, learning is already deeply impaired. Correct the environment instead.

Should kids be allowed to carry weapons in public?


Do teachers carry children?

Carry them where?

Work of a social prefect in school?

They should carry out the school plan.

What kind of backpacks should kids have for school?

Rules differ from school to school as to which backpacks are allowed, so your best bet is to talk to an administrator at you child's school to find out about any limitations. Also, make sure the backpack fits your child, and can carry everything he/she will need throughout a typical school day.

What do you carry to your classes in middle school?

You would typically just carry around your pencils and binder. Most middle schools and jr. highs give you a set of books for home and for school, so the teachers will just pass out your books in class.

Are you allowed to carry framed photographs in your carry on luggage?

yes you are allowed

Are teachers with guns in an elementary school good?

No, teachers in an elementary school with guns are not good. The are not supposed to carry guns in most schools. The security guard or police officer may have a gun in school, but not school teachers! In addition, dividing people up into good guys or bad guys is an erroneous classification. In a recent study of schoolteachers with guns, 30 teachers discharged their weapons, most of which were intentional and illicit. (Please see the related link below for more information.)