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its Cooperation

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Q: Social process that gets things done?
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Were does the Executive branch gets it power?

the executive branch gets its power from the constitution. The federal executive branch is empowered by Article II of the US Constitution, subject to the "checks and balances" of the other two branches and by the People (as part of the political process).

In what way has the supreme courts power expanded?

it decides what is right from wrong and it gets to approve over things by deanza hover i lover you guys

A group is trying to make a decision Tim suggests that the group vote and whichever idea gets the most votes is the winner Which decision-making process is this?

majority wins A+

What is the role of the president and the congress int the budget process?

The President submits a proposed budget to Congress each February. Then each House of Congress has committees and subcommittees that work out appropriations and revenues. Revenue legislation must originate in the House of Representatives, as stated in The Constitution. See for information on the process.

Social workers pros and cons?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of being in this career. Advantages : *A social worker gets to be physically involved with the outside world *A social worker gets to help others and make a difference in other peoples lives *Being a social workers you are not always stuck in a desk type job. *Being A Social Worker can be rewarding if you have the heart and staying power Disadvantages: *A social worker is a very emotional job. *Also can be a stressful job *You aren't always able to help everyone the way you hoped. *Long hours involved *Frustrations regarding the law against abuse, incest, rape, etc., and the reality in the fact you can't win them all (cases.) *You have to see some pretty difficult things in this career like violence. *The down side is, don't go into expecting to resolve everything all at once. It can be frustrating and at times unrewarding, but if patient, those rewards will come your way.

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Positives of a dictator?

A dictator gets things done.

What can be done about social loafing?

you need a strong leader that can take charge, appoint one person to lead the group. When you have more and more people in a group, often less gets done.

What wrong things has Miley Cyrus done?

She has done a modelling shoot were she was pretty much didn't have clothes on, she was born, she sings, her fans don't care if she does bad things, and I bet she only likes her fans because she gets the money.

Is it ok to tell my boss that I have a crush on him?

I would keep the social/love life out of the office no matter how difficult it gets. Telling your boss that you have a crush on him might make things awkward and difficult to get both your jobs done. Most places also have a policy that prohibits employing relationships.

Why are managers important to an organization?

He gets things done. He manages the work, staff, and administration and strives always for maximum efficiency and savings.

What was the purpose of piecework?

The purpose of piecework is to pay the worker for the number of items they make. Piecework gets things done faster and more efficiently.

What the most difficult thing about adult education?

Motivation to learn. As the a man gets older, He looses interest in the things he should have done earlier in life

Are you slower when you smoke weed?

yea your reaction time definitely gets slower and your ability to process information and retain things is slowed by far as well.

If the father gets social security checks will the baby get checks too?

depends on several things, You will need to check with the Social secerity office in your area to find out if your child can get a check. REMEMBER that if your child is able to get a check then it will not be a large amount.

What does manager do?

helps you go in your job. helps make sure all of production is going on as schedule. your manager in the one the that gets chewed on when things are done properly

What are some leadership traits that Obama has?

A few leadership qualities of President Obama are; he makes very hard decisions, he gets things done, and he is a decisive leader.

How often do you rely on others to help you get things done on time?

Team work can help you work more efficiently and faster. However, sometimes is better to do something yourself in order to make sure that it gets done good.