Sources of political power

Updated: 8/19/2023
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"According to Max Weber, legitimacy in politics is derived from three main sources of political powers is tradion, charisma, and legality."

"When Weber believed that positions of power become legit over time, it becomes traditional."

"Weber also stressed the importance of personality in creating political legitmacy. A Great popularity of sine leaders is due in part to their personal magnitism, or charisma."

"Finally, Weber pointed to the importan ce of law in creating legitimacy. Some of the personal activities are considered legitimate simply because they are legal (legality)."


American Government, by Walter E. Volkomer. Thirteenth Edition 2008-2011 Person Education, Inc.

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Power is a concept that has no consensus in any academic discipline, much less political science. A modern, rational conception of 'power' used in political economy, and more-or-less used in political science, is that power is the ability to impose costs on actors by physical force or other means, and this usually attempts to change the decision of the actor force is used on. The end-use of power - and an extension of its definition - to obtain a desirable outcome for the user.

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Q: Sources of political power
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