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The United States wanted a more democratic form of government with greater representation for the common people and favored a strong government. That is why our government is structured the way it is.

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a strong government

novanet-a unicameral legislature

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Q: States that wanted a more democratic form of government with greater representation for the common people favored?
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What is democratic shift?

Democratic shift refers to a change in governance towards a more democratic system, typically characterized by greater political participation, representation, and decision-making power for the population. This can occur through various mechanisms such as electoral reforms, citizen movements, or constitutional changes.

How are the federalists and the democratic republicans alike?

Although they had different views on the power of central government, they had the greater good of the country in mind.

When was Greater Cooch Behar Democratic Party created?

Greater Cooch Behar Democratic Party was created in 2006.

What are the advantages of proportional representation system?

Proportional representation promotes fair representation by translating votes into seats proportionately. It allows for greater diversity in political parties and viewpoints to be represented in government. It can also minimize wasted votes and reduce the likelihood of a party winning a majority with a minority of the popular vote.

Goal of European liberals?

Greater representation for the people

What type of government does India has?

According to Indiaâ??s constitution, it is a "sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic." India has a federal form of government; however, the central government in India has greater power in relation to its states. The central government has adopted a British-style parliamentary system.

Which is greater infinity or undefined?

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What was the goals of the liberals?

Capitalism. Individual rights and freedoms Greater representation for the people

What concerned larger states about representation in congress?

They wanted to have a greater share of tax money

Is 0.75 greater in decimals?

No, the decimal representation of any number has the same numerical value.

What did small states want at the constitutional convention?

The smaller states followed the "Connecticut Plan" which, as opposed to the larger states' preference, the "Virginia Plan," made plans for a unicameral body in which all states had equal representation - today known as the Senate. The Virginia Plan, on the other hand, was favored by the larger states because it stated that larger populations would equal greater representation in Congress - today known as the House of Representatives.

What organization called for greater individual freedom in America?

Students for a Democratic Society