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Q: Subdivision of government are called all but a provinces b states c republics d nations?
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What type of government was developed mostly in the middle east nations?

Either Monarchy, Emirates, or Republics

Which nations comprise the transcaucasian republics?

The Transcaucasian Republics comprise Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. These countries are located in the South Caucasus region at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Which nations have political divisions called provinces?


What is the purpose of the provinces in Canada?

Provinces have many purposes. Their creation was to protect the people who formed them from a dominating Confederation. Without them Canada would not be a Confederation of Nations but a Confederated Nation. Many wanting a stronger Federal government are working towards reducing the need or purpose of Provinces and others are trying to strengthen their province and increase the role of Provinces in the governance of their people.

What impact did the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have?

affected nations throughout the world

What impact did the dissolution of union of soviet socialist republics have?

affected nations throughout the world

Why was the Congress of Vienna necessary?

Napoleon had conquered much of Europe. He had turned monarchies into republics, Republics into truibutary monarchies; he had changed boundaries, amalgamated states, done away with others. Now he was defeated and nobody knew what belonged to whom and under what form of government. A Congress of all the powers was needed to sort this mess out.

What branch of geography deals with boundaries of nations states and provinces?


What nations are the republics of Central America?

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama

The western nations did not recognize that economic instability in the former Soviet republics could lead to chaos.?


What are the four nations in south Africa?

There are not four nations in South Africa. South Africa is its own nation with 9 provinces.

Why are the Baltic republics named as they are?

The three Baltic republics are called the Baltic states, Baltics, Baltic nations, or Baltic countries. The countries include Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.