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The anti-federalists attacked the opening phrase, "We the people" because they felt that power should not be nationwide and that each state should have its own power.

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Q: Th anti- federalist attack the opening phrase' we the people of the US because?
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Which group stated that because the federal government was one of the enumerated powers the constitution did not endanger the rights of people?


Series of articles that helped increase support for the constitution?

These are the Federalist papers. They were written to help give the American people a better idea of what laws would be governing them.

Was john jay a federalist?

No, he was very much a federalist. He wrote books on the role of government and stated that the government was to "provide the greatest amount of happiness for the largest number and representative assembly should be a miniature and exact portrait of the people at large."

Who did not favor the ratification of the Constitution?

Yes. Heck, there are people who disagree with the US Constitution now.

Which of the following leaders was a prominent federalist?

There were 2 Federalist parties. The first Federalists were people at the Constitutional Convention who supported ratification. You could say the main leaders of that party were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, who wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers, which were created to get the Constitution ratified in New York, and also Virginia. The second Federalist party actually was a political party. It was created in support of Alexander Hamilton, who George Washington appointed Secretary of the Treasury, and his economic policies (Report on the Public Credit, Report on the National Bank, and Report on Manufactures). Later the Federalists adopted more policies other than the economic ones. They had 3 main leaders: 1. Alexander Hamilton, who created the party because of his economic policies. The Federalists never nominated him for president, because to do so meant taking advantage of a constitutional loophole that would have infuriated Republicans (Hamilton was not from the colonies, but the West Indies). He, however, wouldn't have wanted it, and he would have made a terrible president. And he knew it. Even so, he controlled things from the sidelines and quietly sabotaged the people who he didn't think were fit for presidency, namely John Adams. When he died in 1804, the Federalist party slowly started to decline because its most ardent supporter, from every turn, was dead. 2. John Adams, the only Federalist president. He led the moderate faction of the party, distancing himself from the more ardent supporters and angling himself as a more moderate Federalist, certainly not "dangerous" or an "intriguer", which is what people thought Hamilton to be. In leading the moderate faction (and his mutual hatred with Hamilton), the Federalist party began to split. It didn't help that Hamilton, who despised John Adams as much as Adams despised him, wrote a 54 page essay in the election of 1800 denouncing Adams, who was from his own party. 3. John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years. After John Adams' leave from public office and Alexander Hamilton's untimely death, he became the sole Federalist in public office, and when he ruled in Supreme Court rulings, a lot of his ideas were drawn from the policies of the Federalist party.

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Who were the federalist and who were the Anti-federalist?

anti federalist are people who are against the constitution and federalist are people who want the constitution

Who were the federalist a and anti federalists?

anti federalist are people who are against the constitution and federalist are people who want the constitution

Are federalists and anti-federalist?

Federalist are people who opposed the Connstitution

Is George Washington a federalist or anti federalist?

I agree with the federalists because they are supporting the government. On the other hand, why agree with people who are going against government matters? The federalists are sticking up for what is right and for what we need. That's a great way to repay them for standing by our side

Why did the federalist write the federalist papers?

Hamilton wrote his 51 essays of the Federalist Papers, and devised the idea, because he was becoming increasingly worried over the fate of the new Constitution. New York was a battalion of anti-Federalists who were bent on not ratifying the Constitution. Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers, with James Madison, to provide a breakdown of the Constitution and why it would protect people's rights. The Federalist of the Federalist Papers is NOT the same Federalist of the Federalist Party. Federalists in the Federalist Papers really just means someone who supports the Constitution.

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Who is considered the greatest inspiration for people to be Anti-Federalist rather than Federalist?


Hamilton vs Jefferson?

Hamilton lead the federalist (people for the constitution) while Jefferson lead the anti-federalist (people against the constitution or believed that the constitution did not fully protect the rights of the citizens). It was a battle of federalist vs anti-federalist.

What kind of people were federalist?


Which State's citizens did the Federalist Papers address?

The Federalist Papers were written to the people of New York.

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