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Q: Thailand served as a buffer between colonies of which two countries?
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Thailand was able to retain its independence when the rest of indochina had becom colonies of European nations because?

thailand served a buffer between british and french colonies

What nation acted as a buffer between French Indochina and Burma?


How did Siam manage to remain independence while other countries in the area were being colonized?

Siam decided to be neutral so the British or french couldn't get his land. then he modernized his country after that.That was the result of British and French agreement used Siam as the buffer

Why Thailand never be colonised?

Thailand was seen as the "buffer zone" between France and Great Britain. Britain having India and France having south east Asia.

How did the colony Georgia come to exist?

The Georgia colony was established as a buffer between Spanish Florida to the south and the English Carolina colonies to the north.

What countries are buffer state?

Some examples of buffer states include Mongolia, Belarus, and Ukraine. These countries serve as a buffer between larger, more powerful nations, helping to reduce conflict and provide a degree of separation.

What is a buffer zone of a country?

A buffer zone of a country is an area of land that acts as a physical or strategic barrier between two countries or territories. It can help to reduce tensions, prevent conflicts, and create a sense of security for the countries involved. Buffer zones are often established through agreements or treaties between neighboring countries.

Why did countries need buffer zones between one another?

literally every country

What was The Communist bloc was located between Russia and Western Europe unintentionally filling what role?

Communist countries between Russia and Western Europe acted as a buffer between the countries.

Is it true or False that The Mexican Government encouraged settlement of Texas by Americans to create a buffer zone a neutral area between the two countries?

It is true that the Mexican government encouraged settlement of Texas by Americans to create a buffer zone between the two countries.

How did Thailand stay free of imperialism?

Thailand successfully convinced the British and French to leave his territory alone as a buffer state between their empires. During this era of diplomacy, the Thai kings also modernized the country, making the possibility of a violent confrontation between Western powers and Thailand less desirable for the numerically inferior Westerners.

Why did Mongolia serve as a buffer state between USSR and China?

It is the source of military support for both countries