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more democratic

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Q: The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 was designed to make the committee system?
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What has the author Edward V Schneier written?

Edward V Schneier has written: 'Legislative intelligence and the committee system' -- subject(s): Legislation

Why has the party caucus system emerged as such an important influence in the legislative process of congress?

The party caucus system is an important influence because it selects the Committee members. The selected members head the committees in each chamber.

What is a system review committee?

A committee that reviews systems

Define two what elements of the congressional committee system and explain how each influences the legislative process?

The following elements will not be able to be defined without knowing what the elements are. Information about what the elements are should be included.

What causes phantom limb?

It is presumed to be due to central and peripheral nervous system reorganization as a response to injury.

Why do you have the committee system?

The purpose of a committee system is to be able to work in smaller groups that deal with only one issue. The opposite could lead to chaos within the legislative system because everyone wants their different ideas discussed at the same time. The committee system keeps the meetings focused on the issues, one at a time.

Who are the workhorses of the legislature?

The workhorses of the legislature are typically the members who are consistently diligent, involved in various committees, and responsible for crafting legislation. They are known for their hard work, leadership, and ability to navigate the legislative process effectively.

What has the author Jack Rodgers written?

Jack Rodgers has written: 'The standing committee system' -- subject(s): Committees, Legislative Bills, Nebraska, Nebraska. Legislature 'Including capital expenses in the prospective payment system' -- subject(s): Cost of Medical care, Hospitals, Medicare, Prospective payment 'Statutes relating to the Legislature and the Legislative Council' -- subject(s): Legislation, Nebraska, Nebraska. Legislature, Nebraska. Legislature. Legislative Council 'Navigator's Log of a Tour in Bomber Command'

Why does congress rely on the committee system?

I think its because The committee system help them with the large amount of specific knowledge.

Which system gives the most power to the legislative branch?

Theoretically, the legislative branch of government has more power in a Parliamentary system than in a Presidential system of government.

Where are cabinet members drawn from in a parliamentary system?

legislative branch

What are pros and cons of committee system?

Some advantages of the committee system include: Congress does not focus on one issue and the committee system allows for a deeper look at each of the bills that are proposed before they are sent to either the full attendance of the House of Representatives or the Senate. One disadvantage of the system, however, is the leader of the committee is chosen by seniority, not knowledge of the issue.