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it is england not dominion

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Q: The Staple Act required everything the colonies imported to come through?
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What was the colonial response to The Intolerable Acts?

The colonists began finding product through black market connections, they boycotted items such as tea, and did everything possible so they would not be required to buy product from British traders.

The main purpose of the Navigation acts was to?

The original intention of the Navigation Acts was to prevent the French and Dutch from trading with the colonies. It formed middle man system which required goods exported by the colonies to have to go through Britain first before going to Europe.

What was the result of the Staple Act of 1663?

parliament law that stated that stated goods could not be imported into America without first passing through English ports

How did the navigation acts ensure that only England could benefit from trade with the American colonies?

directed the flow of goods between England ColoniesThe Navigation Acts required that all colonial trade be carried in vessels built and owned by English or colonial merchants. The ships had to be manned by crews composed of British seamen. The Acts also required that European nations must sell products to the colonies by first stoping at English ports where they would have to pay a customs duty (tax). The products were checked and then were permitted to travel to the colonies. All products had to go through these ports controlled by England. This made the cost of the product more expensive but protected the trade of Great Britain. Certain materials from the colonies could only be shipped in British or colonial ships and had to be sent to England first. The product was then taxed and allowed to be sent to its destination in whatever European nation. Colonial products could not be shipped directly to any foreign nation.The Navigation Acts were laws placed by King George III to prohibit trade on overall everything profitable between the 13 colonies and any other country but Great Britain. This helped Great Britain by giving them more and better pick of the goods and products from the 13 colonies that couldn't be found in other countries without competing with other countries for it. However hard this law was enforced, the colonists still found ways to trade slaves, tea, and other goods with some countries in Africa, and with Spain and France as well.

What did the committees of correspondence do apex?

They secretly sent messages through out the 13 colonies against the actions of Great Britain.

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What placed tax on goods shiped around on earth?

the King of England Dictated to the English rulers in the colonies that everything that is imported anywere around the world had to be taxed through England before the item went anywere. CYBERFLUX99

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