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direct elections

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Q: The constitutional convention never seriously considered selection of the president by?
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Constitutional convention deadlocked over what issue?

Constitutional convention deadlocked over the issue of representation. The delegates did not seem to agree on the selection of representatives to the Congress.

What does the selection of delegates from the national convention produce?

These are the people who will attend the convention for their states and will vote as a block for the candidate to run for president.

The president who chose the site for Washington DC?

No president decided the capital would be Washington D.C. The Constitution provides for a federally administrated territory for the federal government. So the delegates to the Constitutional Convention decided the capital would be Washington D.C.

Who makes the formal selection of the President and Vice President.?

electoral college

The who makes the formal selection of the president and vice president?

electoral college

What of these is evidence that the nation was in attitudes about the constitutional?

We don't have your selection so you need to give us more.

What has the author Oliver Peter Field written?

Oliver Peter Field has written: 'A selection of cases and authorities on constitutional law' -- subject(s): Cases, Constitutional law

Who select new president after death of current president?

The vice president would become president no selection is done by anyone

Who makes the formal selection of the president and?

electoral college

Most of the sessions at the national convention are spent?

Most of the sessions at the National Convention is spent selection presidential candidates. Both the Republican and Democratic Party hold a National Convention.

Why is the selection of the president and vice president unique?

The election of the US President, and running mate, the Vice President, has a rather unusual procedure. Voters do not vote for them directly, they vote for electors, who then form an electoral college which elects the President. This is a relic of the time when democracy was considered to be a radical new idea, and it was not entirely trusted. No other office in the US is elected by this indirect method.

Who all contributed to today's presidential selection system?

America currently selects the president through the electoral college rather than popular vote, who act as representatives of the state. The idea of an indirect vote was determined by many members of the Constitutional Congress in 1787, but it was the Committee of Eleven that decided it should be state representatives and not Congress who selected the president.