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"Might Makes Right".

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Q: The doctrine of the divine right of kings justified what?
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The doctrine of the divine right of kings justified?

God's authority

What is devine right of kings?

the concept that the right to rule derives from God and thatkings are answerable for their actions to God alone

What was the 'divine right' of kings?

The king was considered to be appointed by God, or chosen by God. As such, he had a "divine right" to rule. If the king was appointed by God, then his will was also God's will. - The Divine Right of Kings is a theory of government the King's power is absolute.

What is define right?

You are probably thinking of "divine right", the doctrine that Kings were appointed by God and owed nothing to anyone human. The kings most noted for this doctrine in England and France had their heads chopped off to prove that they were wrong. Sometimes we talk about people thinking they are entitled to something by "divine right", meaning that they do not recognize that it is a privilege they have to earn.

How do you use divine right kings in a sentence?

the divine right of kings were being patient with 500 people.

What was the belief that the right to rule was given by god?

The belief is called the "Divine Right of Kings." This belief was used throughout the history of monarchy to provide the right of Kings not to be impeded by their subjects or court.

The belief that God gave the monarch the right to rule is the?

Divine right of kings. This concept asserts that a monarch's authority to rule comes directly from God, making their power absolute and not subject to challenge. It was a widely held belief in many European monarchies during the Middle Ages and early modern period.

Who supports the Divine Right of Kings?

Jean Bodin, a French political philosopher, was a strong prominent of the divine right of kings. Bodin lived from 1530 to 1596.

What was the name of the idea that god directly choose who would be the king or queen?

The divine right of kings.

What is the princple that the authority to rule was granted to a king or queen by god not by papacy?

The divine right of kings is the political and religious doctrine of royal legitimacy. It declares that a king is not subject to earthly authority, and that his right to rule comes directly from the will of God

What is the theory of divine right of kings?

That a monarch was appointed by the will of god.

What is divine rule of kings?

divine kingship is that the right to rule was god-given