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Asoka was the famous king of Maurya who renounced violence.

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Q: The famous Asoka King who renounced violence?
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Askoa was the famous king of what who renounced violence?

Askoa was the famous king of the Mauryan Empire who renounced violence.

Who was the of the king who rejected violence and embrace Buddhism?


What king rejected violence and embraced buddhism?

The king of India who rejected violence and embraced Buddhism is King Asoka. He was also regarded as the great Buddha king.

Who was the famous leader of the indus valley?

Asoka, the King of the Maurian Empire

Who was the frist great Buddhist king?

The first great Buddist king was Asoka.

What is the famous statue of mourya dynesty?

The most important sculpture of the Maurya Dynasty is the group of pillars King Asoka had carved with his edicts. These "Pillars of Asoka" were topped with statues of lions.

Is it true That the great Buddhist king Asoka persecuted his Hindu subjects for their religious beliefs?

To an extent yes, it is true. According to Mythology lord Asoka after embracing Buddhism punishde those who committed animal slaughter and other violence acts.

Who was Asoka and what were his achievements?

Asoka was king of Holland in the 12th Century B.C.E.

What king's name means without sorrow?

King Asoka

Mauryan king who converted to Buddhism?


When did king asoka abdicate his throne?

There is no evidence he did.

What year did king Asoka die in?