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why the United States has only two major parties

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Q: The first-past-the-post electoral system explains
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Constitution that explains the electoral college.?

Article II of the United States Constitution describes the U.S. electoral vote system that is used to select the President of the United States.

Is electoral a noun?

"Electoral" can function as both an adjective and a noun. As a noun, "electoral" refers to the process or system of electing representatives, such as in "the electoral system."

What is Alternative Vote electoral system.?

Alternative Vote electoral system

What is Alberta's electoral system called?

Alberta's electoral system is referred to a single member constituency

How Many total votes are there in the Electoral College system?

There is exactly 538 in the Electoral College System.

What family ended the electoral system of choosing caliphs?

The Umayyad family was responsible for ending this electoral system and instituting a dynastic system.

Constitutional system to elect the president?

Electoral Collage... this system established by the Constitution to elect the president.

On what ground is the electoral college system?

The electoral system is criticized because individual votes do not really count in an electoral system. Some people think this is unfair, and that officers should be elected by the majority vote, not by the number of electorates.

Are disadvantages to the electoral system?

There are many types of electoral systems all have advantaged and disadvantages. You need to be more specific what system are you asking about.

The Electoral College is a fair system?


Who is against the electoral college?

Individuals who support the candidate that lost the Electoral College election generally are against the Electoral College system.

What is the US Presidential voting system called?

The Electoral college is the Presidential voting system. The electoral college gives each state a certain amount of electoral votes. If a presidential candidate wins the majority of the citizens votes, he will also get the electoral vote.