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the department of state

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Q: The first executive department was established in 1789 What was it?
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What were the first 3 executive departments created by the Congress?

There were 4 under President George Washington:Department of Foreign Affairs (now Department of State) created on July 21, 1789.Department of the Treasury created in 1789.Department of War (now Department of Defense) created in 1789, but dating to 1781.Department of Justice (Office of the Attorney General, established by the Judiciary Act on September 24, 1789)

What is origin of the federal court system?

The Supreme Court of the United States (aka US Supreme Court), which was established by the first Act (Judiciary Act of 1789) of the First Congress on September 24, 1789.

What executive departments were set up by Congress in 1789 and what responsibilities do they have?

Department of State, Department of Treasury, and Department of war. Department of State would handle relations with other nations, the Treasury Department deal with financial matters, and the War Departments would provide for nations defense.

What is the value of a Department of Treasury coin of 1789?

It's not a coin and it's not from 1789. This is a token piece that's struck on a cent blank and included each year with mint sets. There's one with a D for Denver and another with P for Philadelphia. The year 1789 refers to the date that the Department of the Treasury was established. These pieces do not have the year of mintage on them they are not particularly collectible. They're worth at most 1 cent.

What was the first cabinet department?

Of the initial 4 cabinet-level departments (State, War, Treasury, and Attorney General), the Department of State was the first, created in 1789 as the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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What is the first executive department was established in 1789?

department of state :)

What was the first executive department was established in 1789.?

the department of state

Which executive department was established in 1789?

The department of state

When was the US Treasury Department established?

United States Department of the Treasury federal executive department established in 1789.

What executive department were set up by congress in 1789?

Department of State, Department of Treasury, and Department of War were created in 1789 by the first congress.

When was the department of defense established?


In what year was the Department of Defense originally established?


When was department of treasury founded?

It was established by an Act of Congress in 1789.

What was one of the executive departments in 1789?

They are department of war, treasury, and foreign relations.

Originally called the war deparment this deparment was established in 1789?

Department of Defense

Which of the following was NOT one of the original executive departments set up by Congress in 1789 The Department of?


In 1789 the Congress set up three departments under which branch of government?

The three departments, namely the Department of State, Department of the Treasury, and Department of War, were set up under the executive branch of government.