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The States

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Q: The framers of the Constitution left the issue of voter enfranchisement to?
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Who did the framers of the Constitution leave the issue of voter enfranchisement to?

The States

What do you need to be in order to vote the constitution?

registered voter

Do the states or the federal government decide how a person registers to vote?

Constitution defines who a voter is.

Can you rewrite the constitution?

The constitution can be amended, and indeed, has been amended many times. With enough voter support you can make any change you like.

What is the examination that determined whether a voter could read and explain a section of the constitution?

Literacy Test

Who were the authors of the original constitution that did not trust the common voter to make the decisions?

1. the electoral college

What are three ways changes to the state Constitution can be proposed?

Constitutional convention, By the legislative and voter initiative.

Do the voter of each state vote to add an admenment to the United state constitution?

No. congress does the voting.

What do most states issue for voters to become familiar with the candidates?

voter info or election guides

Do voters have to approve changes in the state constitution?

Often, yes--but not always. Direct voter ratification is provided for in the State Constitution of Florida, for instance.

Was there voter fraud in 2012?

There is always going to be a issue or two in a general election. However there wasnt many reports of a election issue this time around.

What are the four amendment of the constitution about who can vote?

There are actually five amendments in the U.S. Constitution that refer to voter rights. They are the 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th amendments.