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Q: The great society raised expectations rather than silencing dissent?
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What was Reconstruction was successful in?

it raised african americans expectations of their right to citizenship

Can you put the word expectation in a sentence?

The preview raised their expectations of the event. The aroma from the kitchen gave them great expectations for the meal to come.

What ways was reconstruction was successful?

it raised african americans expectations of their right to citizenship

In the book Great Expectations what dose raised up by hand mean?

means they were beaten for misbehaving

Is the way your society expects males and females to behave differently and treats them differently from infancy through adulthood?

Yes, societal expectations often dictate different behaviors and treatment for males and females from infancy through adulthood. These expectations can manifest in various ways, such as gender roles, stereotypes, and biases that influence how individuals are raised, educated, and valued. Efforts to challenge and change these norms are ongoing.

Where had Estella been in the book Great Expectations?

Estella was raised by Miss Havisham at Satis House in the book Great Expectations. She was taught to break hearts and was groomed to break Pip's heart, whom she ultimately marries.

What is the term for the way a society lives?

The way society lives can range from the country, city, or neighborhood. Society also lives by the determination of how people are raised.

What did it mean to raise a standard in history - As in - King Charles raised his standard at Oxford?

Raise the standard mean to up thw level of expectations that are required.

What is the women role in the mi'kmaq society?

womens raised their children and build their homes,the wigwams

Why is the topic of lady macbeths womanliness raised again?

The topic of Lady Macbeth's womanliness is raised again to highlight her struggle with societal expectations and gender roles. By questioning her womanliness, the play examines the traditional feminine virtues and expectations placed upon women, and Lady Macbeth's deviation from them in her ruthless pursuit of power. This theme adds complexity to her character and underscores the societal pressures faced by women in Shakespearean times.

Were boy's lives different from girl's lives in the Mesodotmia time?

In Mesopotamia, boys and girls were raised with different expectations and roles. Boys were often trained in skilled trades or sent to school to become scribes, while girls were typically prepared for marriage and household duties. Girls had fewer opportunities for education and autonomy compared to boys in Mesopotamian society.

Lord of the flies Why does the officer say i should have thought that a pack of british boys would have been able to put up a better show than that?

The officer is expressing disappointment in the boys' behavior and their descent into savagery despite being raised in a seemingly civilized society. He expected British boys to behave more rationally and morally, but their actions on the island did not meet his expectations.