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They are protected from perjuring themselves. You have the right to plead the 5th amendment so that this doesn't happen.

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Q: The idea that people cannot be forced to testify against themselves is called protection against?
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When you are being charged with a crime can you find out who called the police on you?

If that person is called to court to testify against you at your trial you will learn their identity. Other than that, you have no legal right to know the information - and in fact - if it was an anonymous call that brought them to the scene of your offense, the police themselves may not even know.

Must you testify if not subpoinaed?

if you are not called into court, you will not have to testify

What do you call a person who testifies under oath in court?

A person who testifies against you is often called a "perjurer" or "liar." (wink)AnswerThe opposing party's witnesses are generally called to testify against you. If you are being tried criminally, they are often called "State's witnesses."

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this is called an own goal

Why did colonist call themselves patriots or loyalist?

they called themselves patriots because they were against British rule

What was formations of several ships intended to provide protection against submarine attack?

The formation of several ships intended to provide protection against submarine attack was called a wolf-pack.

A character witness or other person called on to testify who is not considered an expert is called a?

A lay witness is a character witness or other person who is called on to testify and is not considered an expert.

What were colonists against the British rule named?

They called themselves Patriots.

What is a sentence with the word testify?

This word has been recently used as a challenge to express sympathy; i.e, "Testify...".I have been called to testify in court as an expert witness.

What is a guarantee that provides protection against faulty products?

A guarantee that provides protection against faulty products is called a warranty. Warranties may either be expressed or implied and vary according to jurisdiction.

What category does this Constitutional Amendment fall due process a person cannot be made to testify against himself or herself?

You are asking about the 5th amendment. It is called taking the 5th.

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