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The number of delegates who never attended the constitutional convention?

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Q: The number of delegates who never attended the constitutional convention?
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What number of delegates actually attended the Constitutional Convention?

39 delegates signed the Constitution, or 71% of the 55 delegates who attended the convention. Most of those who did not sign had left the convention early -- some for personal reasons, and some out of protest.

What was the total number of the delegates present at the Constitutional convention?


How were the delegates to the Constitutional Convention chosen?

by the number of delegates for each state by the number of delegates for each state

How many delegates attended the first continental congress?


A large number of seats in the colonial assemblies?

A large number of the seats in the colonial assemblies were held by lawyers. Also, of the 55 delegates that attended the Constitutional Convention, around 34 of them were either lawyers or had studied law to some extent.

Number of states represented the Constitutional convention?

there were 12 states that were represented in the constitutional convention

Number of delegates at the contitutional convention?


How many boys attended the 1995 convention?

The graph represents that 50% of boys attended the convention, followed by the year 1995 and number attended which is 716. 716*0.50=358 Therefore, 358 Boys attended the 1995 convention.

How many democratic delegates does California have?

According to an article in USA Today California has 440 delegates of the total number of the Democratic party's nominating convention's 4,361 delegates.

Number of delegates to the Constitutinal Convention?


What is the number of Louisiana delegates?

Louisiana has 46 total delegates as of 2014. The total number of delegates each state has varies from state to state.

The number of votes each state had at the constitutional convention?