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American government is based on the English political idea of three different types of governments mixed into one. Ordered government is government laws that are clearly stated with specific punishments if broken for the people, limited government has rules that are made by government but the people have clearly stated rights and representative government where the government is suppose to serve the will of the people and come up with laws together.

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ordered government, limited government, and representative government. yes- all three of them.

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Q: The shape of American government is based on the English political idea of?
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What three English political ideas is the American government based on?

ordered government, representative government, and limited government.

Which two English documents did Americans based their political ideas for government?

The Mayflower Compact, the Gettysburg Address

Which system is Australia's constitution based on?

The constitution draws on many political systems around the world, principally the British and American systems of government.

What political power is Federalism based on?

A centralized government.

Which political office within the branches of government is based on the census?

legislative branch

What did American colonies declare their independence based on?

John Locke's political writings.

Who were civil service employees under early American president?

generally appointed based on political connections (apex)

What is the structure of the American system government based on?

enlighten reasoning

The structure of the American system of government is based what?

enlighten reasoning

What was the first government of the us based on?

The American Government is based off of the Roman Empire's government. the expression "do what the Romans do" is very appropriate for how many things the American Government has adopted as well.

Why are political parties considered a vital link between people and their government?

so that people in government can be in different groups based on their ideas

What is the name of the political system used in South Africa?

South Africa's government is based on a Constitutional Democracy.