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The powers of the President are given in the United States Constitution. article II,section 2.

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The Constitution.

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Q: The specific powers of the president come from?
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What are the Consitiutional powers of the Vice President?

The powers of the Vice- President come from the requests of his/her president.

Where does the presidents delegated powers come from?

The President's delegated powers come from Congress. Over the years, the President's powers have been increased due to the complex nature of legislation and the process in which laws are made and executed.

Where do specific powers of the president come from?

The only lawful powers delegated to the President are specified in the U.S. Constitution. Any authority beyond what is expressly written in the Constitution is exercised outside of federal law.

What are three specific powers of the president?

military, treaties and appointment, filling vacancies

Where did President Washington say the powers of your Constitution come from?

The Peolpe(us).

Why didn't the following fathers assign the president any specific powers?

Because congress didn't assign too much power to the president

What powers does the president of china have?

He has the same powers as the US president

What is the powers of the president?

The President

What happened as result of the Louisiana purchase?

President Jefferson used new presidential powers.

What are permissible powers?

Those powers that may be exercised by a specific subdivision and one or many government entities are known as permissible powers. In order for this to come to fruition, a written agreement must be created and signed.

What was the powers of 1973 president of Pakistan?

In 1973 constitution , President had only nominal powers also called Fazal Illahi powers .

What gives the president his delegated powers?

The Constitution gives the President of the United States his delegated powers.