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The three court systems in the State Judical Branch would be the Judical Branch, The Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch.

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Q: The three court systems in the State Judicial branch?
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What does the judicial branch do and who's in it?

The judicial branch is the court systems and includes federal and state judges as well as the Supreme Court.

Who makes up judicial branch?

Federal and state court systems.

Is the Mississippi Supreme Court in the Judicial branch?

Yes, the Mississippi Supreme Court is in the Judicial branch of the Mississippi State government, part of the state court system. The US Supreme Court is head of the Judicial branch of the federal government, so they are part of two separate court systems.

Who are the people in the judicial branch?

The judicial branch oversees the court system of the U.S. Through court cases, the judicial branch explains the meaning of the Constitution and laws passed by Congress. The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch.

What branch of government made up of all the court systems?

The Judicial Branch created the court systems.

Who is the court system of the country?

The court system of a country is known as the "judicial branch."

Who tries cases under the law?

The federal and state court systems (this is not limited to the Judicial Branch in federal cases).

Is the Georgia Supreme Court in the judicial branch?

Yes, the Georgia Supreme Court is part of the judicial branch of the state government in Georgia. It is the highest court in the state and has the final authority to interpret and apply Georgia law.

The supreme court is part of which branch of government?

The Supreme Court of Illinois is part of the Judicial Branch of the Illinois State government.

What is the us judicial branch defined by?

The Federal Court Systems

O which branch of government does the Supreme Court belong?

State supreme courts (or their equivalent) are part of each State's Judicial branch.

What courts are not state court in judicial branch?

U.S. District court