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the United States Armed Forces or, generically, the US Military. All are part of the Department of Defense (formerly, the Department of War and Department of the Navy).

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Q: The us army navy and air force all fall under which term?
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Branches of the armed force?

The Army, The Air Force and the United States Navy all fall under the Department of Defense. The US Marice Corps falls under the Department of the Navy and the US Coast Guard has it's jurisdiction falling under the Department of Transporatation.

How many branches of arm force are there in th US?

There are four branches of the armed forces in the US. They are the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. All of which fall under the Department of Defense. The Coast Guard is sometimes considered a branch of the armed forces however they fall under the Department of Homeland Security.

What are the 5 branches of military?

it is to protect and serve the people of the united states

What are the army navy and Air force are called?

Army, Soldier Navy, Sailor Air Force, Airman Marine, Marine

Are the Army and the Navy under the same jurisdiction?

The US Army and the US Navy are both in the Department of Defense. In the chain of command, they report to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who reports to the Secretary of Defense, who in turn reports to the President.

What branch of the military does an astronaut fall under?

Historically, astronauts were drawn from the ranks of pilots, so most of the current military astronauts are in the Air Force. The Navy and the Marines have also trained astronauts but not as many.

Who was an army general who wanted an Air force apart from the army and the navy?


Who names the heads of the three departments of military?

As I understand the US Military system the heads of Army, Navy, and Air Force are appointed by the Secretary of Army, Secretary of Navy and Secretary of Air Force.

What is the branches of the military?

Five -United States Army (includes Army Reserve and Army National Guard)United States Air Force (includes Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard)United States Navy (includes Navy Reserve)United States Marine Corps (includes Marine Corps Reserve)United States Coast Guard (includes Coast Guard Reserve)

Who was the army general who wanted an air force apart from the army and navy in 1942?


How many armies make up the US military?

There is only one Army in the US military. There are several branches of Armed Forces, however. They are the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. They all fall under the Department of Defence. The Coast Guard, which is considered armed forces, now falls under the Department of Homeland Security.

What is the difference between the military and the army?

The Army is one of the branches of the military. There is also the Navy which includes the Marine Corps, and the Air Force. The Coast Guard really falls under the Dept. of Transportation, not the Dept. of Defense but many include them in our military.