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Regulation, adversarial relationship, and elections

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Q: Three ways American media and government are interrelated?
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When was Studio for Interrelated Media created?

Studio for Interrelated Media was created in 1969.

Since most American media are privately owned?

they cannot rely on government funding.

Who are the stakeholder in American Airlines?

Employees, Customers, Investors, Competitors, Suppliers, Industry, Media, Government Regulators, Communities.

Does the Australian government control the media?

There is always a certain degree of discretionary agreement between the government and the media but no, essentially, the Australian government does not control the media. The media is essentially free to express as much cynicism and suspicion of the government's actions and motives as they wish.

When was American Media - publisher - created?

American Media - publisher - was created in 1936.

When was American Public Media created?

American Public Media was created in 2004.

How is media stronger than government?

If the government says something contradictory to that said in the media, the media can claim it as a coverup while the government can only say the media is misleading the people. However, the media usually tells people what they want to hear and thus people are more likely to agree with them against the government.

What are three different media ownership?

Private ownership: Media companies are owned by individuals or small groups who control the content and operations of the outlets. Public ownership: Media outlets can be owned and operated by government bodies or agencies, with content often being influenced by political interests. Community ownership: Media ownership can be vested in the hands of local communities or non-profit organizations, ensuring that content reflects community values and interests.

What is media and the press in Russia today?

Russia is a communist government so any media is controlled by the government.

Why should the government put a check on media?

The government should put a check on media to control rumors and fake issues that disappoints media.

What are the three media of sound?

The three media of sound are solid liquid and gas.

What are the release dates for The IFC Media Project - 2008 Government and the Media - 2.5?

The IFC Media Project - 2008 Government and the Media - 2.5 was released on: USA: 31 May 2009