Tready of tordesillas

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Rule That States The Line Between Spain And Portugal, Decided By The Pope.

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Q: Tready of tordesillas
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What was the Tready of Greenville?

it is a tready

What is the tready of Paris?

it is the Indians and colonies tready

What tready ended the war of 1812?

the tready of ghent

What was Jay's tready?

It is not clear what you are asking about Jay's tready. Can you provide more context or clarify your question?

What is the population of Tordesillas?

Tordesillas's population is 9,067.

Where did the Treaty of Tordesillas take place?

The island of Tordesillas

When was Atlético Tordesillas created?

Atlético Tordesillas was created in 1969.

What is the area of Tordesillas?

The area of Tordesillas is 141.95 square kilometers.

What was the treaty of 1818?

When a tready happened in 1818 :P

What is Villán de Tordesillas's population?

Villán de Tordesillas's population is 176.

When was Jesús Tordesillas born?

Jesús Tordesillas was born on 1893-01-28.

When did Jesús Tordesillas die?

Jesús Tordesillas died on 1973-03-24.