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Q: True or false Most states are divided into political regions called counties?
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What are the political regions in Austria called?

The repulic of Austria is divided in 9 "Bundesländer".

What does county mean if you live in untied kingdom?

England, which is part of the United Kingdom, has been subdivided since medieval times into 'counties' such as Devon, Dorset, or 'shires' such as Yorkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Nottinghamshire etc. In the modern day these ancient regions have a local political autonomy and are called counties (with a county council). Down at a smaller level the counties are divided into parishes.

Are there provinces in Iceland?

No. Well, yes they're called counties. Sýslur in Icelandic. Iceland is divided into 23 counties, and 25 independent towns, independent meaning that they are a "city province". If this is an obsession of yours, try searching for "counties of Iceland" at something mysterious called "Wikipedia" where these regions are listed.

Delaware is the only state where counties are divided into areas what are they called?


France is divided into areas called?


Counties often are divided into smaller units called?

special districts

Kingdoms are divided into?

Kingdoms are divided into smaller administrative regions called provinces or states that are governed by local authorities. These regions are further divided into districts or counties, which are then subdivided into towns or municipalities. Each level of division has its own set of governing officials responsible for managing the affairs of that particular area.

A county is a political unit in England that is roughly equivalent to what kind of political unit in the United States?

they are called counties too!

How many states are divide into counties?

There are 48 states divided into counties. The other two, Alaska and Louisiana are divided into boroughs and parishes, respectfully. According to the US Census, boroughs and parishes are called "county-equivalents".

Canada is divided into political areas called?


Is Italy divided into provinces and states and regions?

Italy is divided into different regions because all of the regions are under different administrative divisions. One region in Italy is called Tuscan.

What is the name of four regions when a shape is divided up?

They are called quadrants