Use seditious in a sentence

Updated: 9/16/2023
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"He was arrested after making a speech that the government considered to be seditious."

"Seditious" means: "speech or behaviour directed against the peace of the state," or conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state."

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Q: Use seditious in a sentence
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How do you Use seditious in a sentence?

How do you use sedition in a sentence

How do you use the word seditious in a sentence?

By inciting rebellion against the U.S., his actions were seditious.

How can you use the word seditious in a sentence?

His methods caused Sedition. People revolted against him.

Seditious in a sentence?

Guy Fawkes or Foulkes, was sentenced to death for his seditious act; he tried to blow up the English parliament building.

What is the antonym of seditious?


Is seditious speech protected by the constitution?

Seditious speech is the most hated type of speech. Yet the US Constitution does provide for the protection of seditious speech if it is not found to harmful or disruptive to the rights and freedoms of others.

What does seditious mean?

It means rebellious.

How can you use zenger trial in a sentence?

The Zenger Trial in 1735 set a precedent for freedom of the press in colonial America when John Peter Zenger, a printer, was acquitted of seditious libel charges after publishing critical articles about the colonial governor of New York.

Who called Gandhi's seditious fakir?

Winston Churchill

What does seditious speech target?

talk of overthrowing the government

Seditious speech is speech that urges others to overthrow what?

The government

Why does the restrict seditious speech?

The government restricts seditious speech because sedition is the crime of attempting to overthrow government by force or to disrupt its lawful activities by violent acts, seditious speech is the advocaAnother View: WHAT!!! The questioner obviously can not be asking about the United States. Congress repealed the US Sedition Act on Decermber 13, 1920.