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the purpose of the gold rush was for people to get more money. back then it hard was to get alot of money.when James marshall foud gold he didnt believe he took it down to john sutter.after thhey were sure it was gold the wanted to keep it a secret,but one of the workers found gold and told every one.


God Rushes occurred when some prospector found a fair amount of gold, usually in remote and harsh lands! Most who followed him lived in great hardship and made little if any money from their ventures.

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because there was gold flakes found in the American river

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Q: WHAT WAS The purpose of the gold rush?
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What American gold rush was before the Victorian gold rush?

The Californian gold rush!

What year was the Yukon gold rush?

the klondike gold rush is the main name and they found gold 1896 but the actual rush began 1897

What the famous gold rush?

California gold rush

When was the the gold rush?

cariboo gold rush in b.c.,canada - 1857 but the actual gold rush didn't start until 1861

Did it rain in the gold rush?

Yes, it rained in the Gold Rush.

Was the California gold rush the biggest gold rush?


How did California Gold Rush affects the nation?

By the gold rush!

What was the Alaskan gold rush?

The Alaskan gold rush was in 1897

Who came to the gold rush?

There was no gold rush in Australia in the 1840s.

Was the gold rush a problem?

The California gold rush was not a problem.

What happened in the 1870s in California?

the gold rush

When was the first Gold Rush?

The first American gold rush was in 1828 in Georgia and it was before they California Gold Rush