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yes it was ............................................................. i really dont freakin know GOSH

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Q: Was Americas first government weak
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What was americas first constution called?

The Articles of Confederation was the first form of the Constitution. However, it was very weak and ineffective. The states had more rights than the National Government.

What was wrong the first government America had?

The first American government was wrong because the government was weak

What was Americas very first government called?

America's very first government was known as Continental Congress

Who was weak under the first national government?

the people

What was the most difficult problem facing Americas first government?

no money

What document established the first form of government in the US but had a weak central government?

Articles of Confederation

What benefits did Americas first government under?

hi people im micah and umm i really do no this answer!

Why did the states want a weak central government at first?

I'm Asking myself the same question but maybe to make the government simpler

This DOCUMENT has a weak national government?

The Articles of Confederation had a Weak National Government. The U.S. had a Federal Sytem Government ( Or strong Government )

Who is the government of Hawaii?

The United Sates of Americas government is Hawaiis government

Who signed the declaration of independence and formed Americas first government?

Thomas Jefferson wrote and signed the Declaration of Independece.

Who had a weak federal government the Virginia or New Jersey plan?

New jersey favored the weak government :)