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No, the final copies are written on parchment paper (animal skin).

It was rumored to be drafted on Dutch hemp paper, however, according to, it was more likely to have been made from flax or linen.

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Q: Was the constitution written on hemp paper?
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What kind of paper or parchment was the US Constitution written on?

The U.S. Constitution was drafted on hemp paper, and the final draft was written on animal parchment.

What was the Declaration of Independence written on?

Hemp paper.

What was the declaration of independence written?

Hemp paper.

WHAT TYPE OF paper is the declaration of independence written on?

I believe it was written on hemp paper, to my knowledge.

What was marijuana used for before it was made illegal?

Alot to many to list a few thousand or so. The first Constitution was written on hemp paper.

Can hemp paper be recycled?

Yes, paper can be made of many different fibers, wood, cotton, hemp, cloth, and recycled paper. So paper made from hemp can be recycled.

Why was the constitution written on such a large paper?

The US Constitution was written on such a large paper for a few reasons. It was a very important document.

What connection is there between the Declaration of Independence and hemp?

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.

What are the Mail marijuana?

i assume you mean what is the male marijuana plant and that is hemp, it does not have the phsychoactive chemicals that get a user high and was widely used for paper clothing and many other products before the marijuana prohibition, also the decleration of independance was written on hemp paper

What type of paper was the US Constitution written on?

The US Constitution was written on parchment paper. Parchment is made from either calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin, although I could not find the exact makeup of the US constitution.

Can hemp be used to make toilet paper?

Yes of course. You can make over 50,000 products out of hemp

why were federalist's paper written?

To rally support for the raitification of the Constitution

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