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Yes of course. You can make over 50,000 products out of hemp

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Q: Can hemp be used to make toilet paper?
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What chemicals used to make toilet paper from recycled paper?

The chemical used to make toilet paper from recycled paper is h02 + Co2 --> h04C2 why do you bother about "The chemical used to make toilet paper from recycled paper is h02 + Co2 --> h04C2" oh my god you are weird NERD

What were some of the early materials used to make paper?

Reeds, hemp and silk were some of the earliest materials that were used to make paper. The Egyptians used papyrus to make paper. In our modern era wood fibers and linen are used to make fine paper.

Is all recycled toilet paper made from used toilet paper?

Recycled toilet paper is made from used paper. It isn't made from used toilet paper. That would be gross.

What is used to make toilet paper?

cotton (low quality spun)

Does paper come from used toilet paper?

Toilet paper is one type of tissue paper.Visit for anything paper

What is charmin toilet paper made of?

Most of Charmin Company's toilet paper is made from other recycled paper. It is specially treated for softness, strength, and comfort.

What did the Vikings use as toilet paper?

They used cotton wool as toilet paper or leaves

Is toilet paper a toiletry?

Toilet paper is used for cleansing one's behind when they have finished defecating on the toilet/loo.

What is the bamboo that grows in Japan used for?

it is used for toilet paper and paper

What was used before toilet paper in china?

They used just normal paper they didnt start using toilet paper until the 6th century AD

What are different ways toilet paper can be used?

Toilet paper can be used for its intended purpose in personal hygiene, such as wiping after using the bathroom. It can also be used to blot oily skin, clean small spills, or even as emergency tissue for sneezing. Some people use toilet paper for crafting or as a substitute for tissue paper.

What is toilet paper?

A soft paper which is used to ensure good hygiene.