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passengers kept dying because of diseases

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Yes, there were several problems on the Mayflower. The ship was overcrowded with around 102 passengers, leading to unsanitary conditions and limited space. There were also storms that damaged the ship, causing leaks and making the journey more difficult. Additionally, there was tension and disagreement among the passengers, which resulted in the formulation of the Mayflower Compact to establish order and unity.

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Q: Were there any problems on the Mayflower?
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Did any women sign the Mayflower Compact?

No Women Signed the Mayflower Compact.

Were there any McGiverns on the Mayflower?

No, there were not. Sorry.

What were some problems on the mayflower when the pilgrims were coming to the new world?

whilst on the journey one of the problems were that a lot of people were dying. because of the diseases.

The Pilgrim agreement to abide by any laws their new community might establish was the?

Mayflower Compact.

Why did the pilgrims cross the Atlantic on the mayflower?

the were going to die

Was there a ship in Christopher Columbus four voyages named the Mayflower and if so what year or number voyage was it used in?

No there wasn't any ship named the Mayflower in any of Columbus's voyages in 1492. The pilgrims were the people who sailed on the Mayflower to leave England in 1620 from persecution because of their religion.

What did the pilgrims sail in?

The Mayflower

Who was the captain of speedwell?

The Speedwell was a ship that sailed with the Mayflower in 1620, but there is no record of a specific captain for the Speedwell. The ship did encounter problems and was ultimately deemed unseaworthy, leading some passengers to transfer to the Mayflower for the journey to the New World.

The pilgrims agreement to govern themselves is called?

The Mayflower Compact.The Mayflower CompactThe Mayflower Conflict

Was the Mayflower Compact signed at the end of the war?

No. The Mayflower Compact was signed by the English Separatists and settlers who founded Plymouth Colony, in 1620. It was not related to any war.

Were there thieves and murderers on the Mayflower?

No. I have read the list of people on the ship and never have read that any were thieves and murderers. Many ships did hire people like that, but I don't believe that the Mayflower had any. It was a ship of families and there were children on board.

Why was the Significant of the Mayflower Compact?

It was the first formal government of any of the early colonies.