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Factors that affect public opinion include preexisting knowledge, values, and attitudes. In addition, immediate situations and social-environmental factors affect public opinion.

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media and how they present current events, interest groups/lobysts, politicians, current trends, political parties

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Q: What 5 things affects on public opinion?
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What are President Woodrow Wilson's 5 self-evident truths on public schools?

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What is a major difference between a majority opinion and dissenting opinion issued by the supreme court?

A majority opinion explains the reasoning behind the courts ruling while a dissenting opinion explains a disagreement with the courts ruling

When do you use amendment 1?

You use Amendment 1 in everyday life. It provides us with 5 basic freedoms. They include the following:1) The Freedom of Speech: You are allowed to give your opinion on different things and basically allowed to say whatever you believe.2) The Freedom of the Press: You are allowed to publish newspapers giving opinions on different topics in the news and to inform the public on what is going on.3) The Freedom of Religion: You are allowed to practice whatever religion you would like to be a part of.4) The Freedom of Assembly and the Freedom of Petition:These two freedoms are closely related. You are allowed to petition things that you want changed. You also are allowed to gather into organized protests, as long as they are not violent.If you would like an easy way to remember them, think of RAPPS (Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, Speech)

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What are the function of government?

1. Foreign Relations - Diplomacy, international trade and Defense 2. Incubate special research, business and development, such as small businesses, space research, job training, unemployment insurance and more. 3. Protect and regulate the sustainable use of natural resources. 4. Enforce and regulate fair and responsible business practices. Included in this is monitoring monetary policy, giving consumer protection and regulating banking practices. 5. Determine and enforce civil laws of property and conduct. This includes the freedoms of the press, religion and rights of property. 6. Provide public goods and services for the well-being of the community as a whole, such as infrastructure, vaccination programs, disaster relief, fireworks shows, public parks, basic healthcare, subsidized housing, public education and public utilities. (These are things that the government provides better than private business for the community at large through pooling money and resources. There are more positive externalities for society when government provides public goods and services.)

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What factors influence public opinion?

1. cultural background 2. knowledge 3. attitude 4. customs and habits 5. psychological impulses 6. environment 7. heredity and genetics attitude

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