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i have no clue

On the other hand, I do know, and the answer isFrederick Douglass.

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Q: What African American campaigned to end slavery?
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African American who campaigned to end slavery?


Why would African American like song respect?

their struggle to end slavery

Why would African American like the song respect?

It represented African Americans and their struggle for equality.

Who Campaigned or worked to get US government to end slavery?

William Lloyd Garrison, editor of The Liberator.

Which of he following did NOT inluence the rise of African American influence in America?

The option that did not influence the rise of African American influence in America would be the end of slavery. The end of slavery actually played a significant role in empowering African Americans and enabling them to become more influential in American society.

Which famous African American went against the slavery?

Mason was a good slave until he was shot. the end

Who is Prince Hall?

an African American that fought with Patriots then led fight to end slavery in the United States (US)

Who was a 14-year-old African-American sailor who later became famous for his efforts to end slavery?

James Forten

A person that wants to end slavery is called?

An abolitionist is someone that wants to end slavery. In the United States, abolitionists worked to end the African and Native American slave trade and give those slaves their full freedom.

How African-American worked to end slavery?

African Americans had limited means of working to end slavery. Many did however rebel against their masters and attended secret meetings where information would be passed along concerning the US Civil War efforts. Plans were also made as to how African Americans could escape to the free states.

What did the people do to bring an end to slavery?

People fought against slavery through various means, including legal challenges, political activism, and organized resistance movements. Abolitionists campaigned for the end of slavery through petitions, protests, and underground railroad networks, leading to the eventual abolition of slavery in many countries.

Who published a pamphlet that advocated violence and rebellion as the only way for African Americans to end slavery?

David Walker published a pamphlet in 1829 called "Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World" advocating for violent rebellion as the only way to end slavery and racial inequality in the United States. Walker's writings had a significant impact on the abolitionist movement and African American resistance to slavery.