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All of the above

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Q: What By 1920 constitutional amendments had been created to?
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How many constitutional amendments have been ratified?

27 have been ratified

What have been the subjects of constitutional amendments?

Some of the subjects of the constitutional amendments have included freedom of speech, the right to carry and own a gun, and the right of congress to get income taxes.

How many constitutional amendments have been propose how many have been passed?

since the Constitution was adopted, there have been 27 amendments added and 6 which have NOT been ratified. this meaning that there were a total of 33 amendments proposed but only 27 were passed. Matt Damon Out

How many total Constitutional Amendments are there?

Twenty-seven amendments have been ratified since the original signing of the Constitution.

The most important effect of the constitutional amendments has been to?

The most important effect of constitutional amendments is to change or update the fundamental principles and structures of a country's government. These amendments help ensure that the constitution remains relevant and responsive to the changing needs of society over time.

What in 1920 constitutional amendments had been created to?

Allow women to vote, Allow the direct election of senators, create a graduated national income tax, (all the above -APEX)

What is the importance of the constitutional provision on amendments or revisions?

The US Constitutional provision for the amendments known as the Bill of Rights has been of great importance. The amendment process allows changes to the Constitution when events deem it necessary to make fundamental changes in the laws.

Which three constitutional amendments have been most influential in shaping the national-state power relationship?

14 16 17

The constitution allows congress to call a convention to propose an amendment if it has been requested by a two thirds majority vote of?

both houses of Congress or by two thirds of the state legislatures. This method of proposing amendments is known as a constitutional convention. However, to date, no constitutional convention has been called through this method, and all 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by Congress.

How many proposed constitutional amendments have been introduced in congress since 1789?

Since 1787 27 amendments have been introduced to congress. In 1791 The Bill of Rights, the 10 first amendments, was adopted. Since The Bill of Rights 17 other amendments have been adopted, which makes the total 27 amendments since 1787.

Has Barack Obama added any amendments to our constitution?

A president cannot add amendments. There is a specific procedure for amending the constitution, which requires the proposed amendment to first be passed by the congress and then be ratified by the states. There have been no constitutional amendments that were added during Mr. Obama's first term.

How many amendments was originally in the Bill of Rights?

The original draft of the Bill of Rights had 17 Amendments, 10 of which would eventually be ratified. The Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791.