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Q: What US Supreme Court cases involve the 17th Amendment?
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Cases handled by the supreme court involve?


What type of cases does supreme courts hear?

The Supreme Court hears any cases that involve the interpretation of the Constitution.

What US Supreme Court cases involve the 19th Amendment?

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What supreme court case is based on amendment 1?

There are many cases. There's not only one supreme court case but there are many of them.

What type of people are tried by the US Supreme Court and how does the Supreme Court accept such cases?

The Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in the United States. It does not try cases, in the standard sense of the word, but only reviews lower court decisions. Usually, cases heard by the Supreme Court involve issues of Constitutional law or federal legislation.

Where can you find conflicting supreme court opinions on multiple amendment related cases?

I need to find a supreme court case based on the second amendment and write an essay contrasting two Court Justice's opinions.

What are some US Supreme Court cases involving the 2nd amendment?

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When does the US Supreme Court get the last say and in what kind of cases does the US Supreme Court not have the last say?

The Supreme Court always has the last say for cases that fall under its jurisdiction. The Court no longer has mandatory jurisdiction and may exercise full discretion over which cases it hears. The decision of the Court is final, unless modified by the Court itself or by constitutional amendment.

What types of court cases does the Supreme Court hear?

The Supreme Court hears any cases that involve the interpretation of the Constitution.

Where do cases that are appealed from the highest state court go?

It depends. If they involve a federal question, they can request review by the US Supreme Court. If they only involve state law, the State's highest court is the end of the line.

What kind of cases does the supreme court usually accept?

The types of cases the Supreme Court sees involve constitutional issues or federal laws. The Supreme Court gets approximately 7,000 requests to hear cases each and every year.

How are cases involving cruel and unusual punishment generally ruled by court?

that would be supreme court because it deals with the 8th amendment to the constitution