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John Brown

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Q: What abolitionist who was accused tried and hanged for treason was?
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Who was an abolitionist who sought to free the slaves in the US by force?

John Brown - he tried to arm the slaves for a nationwide rebellion. Brown's attempt failed and he was hanged for treason in December of 1859.

What did they do to the accused witches at Salem?

The accused were arrested, jailed, and tried. If they were convicted, they were hanged.

John brown was hanged for this?

John Brown was hanged for leading the raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859, an attempt to start a slave rebellion. He believed in the use of armed insurrection to end slavery in the United States.

Why was Riel tried convicted and hanged for treason?

Louis Riel was tried, convicted, and hanged for treason because of his role in leading the North-West Rebellion in Canada in 1885. The Canadian government saw his actions as a threat to their authority and sovereignty over the region, leading to his arrest, trial, and subsequent execution.

The most famous radical abolitionist in the North was?

The most famous radical abolitionist in the North was John Brown. He tried to raise an army to overthrow the government of the United States. He was hanged for his crimes.

Where in the US did John Brown try to lead a slave revolt?

Abolitionist John Brown bought a farm in Maryland with New England abolitionists money. He used an assumed name. He tried but failed to lead a slave revolt near Harper's Ferry Virginia in 1859. He was hanged for treason.

Who's John Brown?

John Brown was an abolitionist who lived in America. He also commanded forces in several battles. He was later tried, convicted, and hanged.

What was King Louis XVI charged with?

he killed ,stole and other things!>>>>> he;s a terrible person and he was crazy like napoleon.he had a job that was used to apply to the none to man things like ropeing...

What happened to john brown?

After leading an attack on Harpers' Ferry Arsenal in West Virginia, radical abolitionist, John Brown was wounded and quickly captured. Slave owners fearing news of John Brown's exploits would spread and incite their slaves to rebel, called for a quick and speedy trial. He was moved to Charlestown, Virginia, where he was tried and convicted of treason and sentenced to be hanged. He spoke to the court telling them that if this was how he had to go, he was proud that he had given his life to fight the injustice of slavery.

What was the John Brown raid on Harpers Ferry meant to do?

Anti slavery abolitionist John Brown hoped to start a slave revolt in the South. He and his friends raided and took control of a Federal armory in Harper's Ferry Virginia. There was no revolt and Brown was arrested and tried for treason against the State of Virginia. He was hanged in December 1859.

Who was the Metis' leader in two rebellions against Canada in 1870 and 1885?

The uprisings (also known as the Riel Rebellion) were led by Louis Riel, who was ultimately tried and hanged for treason.

How successful was john browns raid on harpers ferry?

John Brown's plot to cause a slave revolt was not successful. Abolitionist, and former slave aided Brown before the raid but did not participate in it. Harriet Tubman was ill and other abolitionists didn't think he would be successful. Brown tried to enlist Black scholar Frederick Douglas in the plot, but Douglas informed him he was crazy. Brown was hanged fir treason.