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Q: What accomplish did Thomas do?
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How did Thomas Jefferson accomplish what he needed to do?

he sent someone else to do it

What did Thomas Alva Edison accomplish that makes him considered a hero?


What did Thomas Jefferson accomplish in foreign affairs during his presidency?

He was a famous model administrator

What Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were attempting to accomplish by peaceful coercion?

to avoid war

What did Thomas Edison accomplish that makes him so memorable?

His invention of the first practical light bulb.

What did Franklin Augustine thomas accomplish?

he has discovered that Franklin augustin from bennett middle is a black gorilla

What was thomas jeffersons accomplish?

Becoming President, He wrote the 1st draft of the Declaration of Independence and he was the 1st secretary of state.

What year did Thomas J Dryer accomplish the climb to mount st. Helen?

Thomas J. Dryer accomplished the climb to Mount St. Helens in 1853.

What did Thomas Paine accomplish?

well he was a G from the begining so he said one of the most popular phrase give me libery or give me death

What was thomas jefferson's presidential platform?

Thomas Jefferson's presidential platform was the Republican platform. Thomas Jefferson wanted a small an unobtrusive government and believed the republican party would be able to accomplish that.

What did Thomas Jefferson want to experience?

he wanted to see what his sayings and constitution would accomplish after everyone heard about it. he wanted to see our country be free for once.

What is the adverb of accomplish?

What is the noun for