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pick up a history book and look for yourself you lazy poophead

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Q: What act was passed during World War 1 that limited freedom of speech and labor rights?
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What rights did Code Napoleon guarantee?

The rights that Napoleon guarantees are the limited freedom of speech. During that time women have no rights but Napoleon gave them a good economy.

Name one government law passed during wartime that limited the freedom of speech to protect national security issues?

The Sedition Act of 1918 was passed during World War I by the U.S. government to prohibit speech that could incite rebellion or interfere with the war effort. It aimed to prevent dissent or criticism that could undermine national security during the war.

Freedom's that were limited by the U.S. Constitution?

No freedoms are limited by the constitution. That is why there is a Bill of Rights.

What year was the CHarter of Rights and Freedom passed?


How does the censorship affect the government?

Limited the freedom of expression and the rights

Why is the civil rights act one of the most influential civil rights acts passed in us history?

because the black people got their freedom and rights

Why was the speech you have a dream said during the civil rights?

for freedom

What are the rights and duties of Cuban citizens?

The rights are limited. if your asking this for a merit badge, i would just write that they have none of the rights and freedoms we do. also, they can't travel out of the country. no freedom of religion or freedom of expression, and no fair trails are given.

What was the document Parliament drew up that limited the rights of kings?

It was called the Bill of Rights passed on the 16 December 1689.

The civil rights act of 1965 was passed during his presidency?


What rights do citizens in Cuba?

The citizens of Cuba have limited rights and freedoms. Among their freedoms are their right to healthcare, the right to free expression and opinion, a restricted freedom of assembly that is monitored by the government, right to an education, and religious freedom.

What government actions during the communist scare conflicted with the bill of rights?

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, self incrimination.