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they have been bombing the sh!t of of them stilllllllllllllll

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Q: What actions the US take to achieve its goals in Latin American?
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What actions did William McKinley take to achieve his goals?

He did not

Is involves analyzing a situation deyermin goals to be pursade and decicing upon the actions that will be take to achieve goals?


Two economic or social goals of Mussolini and the actions he took to achieve each goal?

He was a dictator.

What were tactics used by the American federation of labor to achieve its goals?

they would perfrom different actions such as changing things they did or doing something that would help them do good stuff. and that would eventually lead to them achieving the goals that they wanted to obtain. hope this helps <3

What were Simon bolivars social and political goals?

For the Latin American countries to have independence from Spain.

What is the basic thrust of strategic decision making?

The basic thrust, or idea, of strategic decision making is choosing actions that will help an organization or group achieve its goals or continue to achieve them. It involves choosing these actions wisely and effectively carrying them out.

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Behavior goals are specific, measurable actions that individuals take to achieve desired outcomes. They outline the behaviors or actions that need to be implemented consistently in order to reach a desired result. By setting behavior goals, individuals can track their progress and adjust their actions to stay on course towards achieving their desired outcomes.

was the Latin revolution sucessful?

The Latin American revolution did not fulfill the goals of the revolution. Although they gained independence from Spain, the social construct did not change.

What was Simon Bolivar's goals for Latin America?

For the Latin American countries to have independence from Spain.

Can daydream ever help a person achieve his or her goalsexplain?

DREAM= Don't Really Expect Actual Manifestation Dreaming is good, but if you really want your daydream to come true you need to set goals. Goals will help set forth actions and actions will help bring about your desires.

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The term "personal accountability" refers to being responsible for one's own actions. In terms of academic goals, it means that ultimately, the student is responsible for ensuring they do everything they can to achieve them.

Why are there several different economic goals?

There are several economic goals because no single factor will improve the economy. Job creation and capital investment often are interrelated, but it requires different actions to achieve gains in both of them.